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Skating leotards, made to measure, Airbrushed, Rhinestones and Appliqued.

Dancewear for all ages and sizes, bring your own design or have one done for you. lots of fabrics available.

Gymnastics leotards for training and competition. team uniforms for day 1 and day 2 comps.  lots of designs available

Tracksuits with personalized Appliques dowb the leg, Born to perform or Born to dance or choose your own, hood lining tie diyed to match the colour of lettering, heavy weight good quality Sweatshirting used.

A wide range of crops and shorts for training or competition wear, lots of fun fabrics available.

Dance costumes for lyrical and Contemporary dance. bring in your desighns or choose one that is available. Lots of styles of tops, pants and skirts to choose from.

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